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Monetary and banking system: deposits


get_sys_deps_type(year = NULL)

get_islm_deps_type_holder(year = NULL, type = "commercial")

get_sys_deps_holder(year = NULL)

get_sys_dd_holder(year = NULL, ins = "commercial")

get_sys_sav_fd_deps_holder(year = NULL, ins = "commercial")

get_sys_repo_holder(year = NULL, ins = "commercial")

get_sys_nid_holder(year = NULL, type = "total")

get_sys_fc_deps_holder(year = NULL, type = "total")

get_sys_fd_maturity(year = NULL, type = "total")



Scalar integer


Banking institution type; one of "commercial" "islamic" "investment" "total"


One of "commercial", "islamic"


  • get_sys_deps_type(): 1.24 Banking System: Total Deposits by Type

  • get_islm_deps_type_holder(): 1.24.2 Islamic Banking System - Deposits by Type & Holder

  • get_sys_deps_holder(): 1.25 Banking System: Total Deposits by Holder

  • get_sys_dd_holder(): 1.25.1 Banking System: Demand Deposits by Holder

  • get_sys_sav_fd_deps_holder(): 1.25.2 Banking System: Savings and Fixed Deposits, Special and General Investment Deposits by Holder

  • get_sys_repo_holder(): 1.25.3 Banking System: Repurchase Agreements by Holder

  • get_sys_nid_holder(): 1.25.4 Banking System: Negotiable Instruments of Deposits by Holder

  • get_sys_fc_deps_holder(): 1.25.5 Banking System: Foreign Currency and Other Deposits by Holder

  • get_sys_fd_maturity(): 1.25.6 Banking System: Fixed Deposits, Special Investment Deposits and General Deposit Investment by Original Maturity